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I am taking commissions to root/reroot 1/6 scale vinyl doll heads. The fee varies depending on the size of the doll head.   The buyer can either supply the hair, or I will purchase it and figure it into the total for the commission.^^ PLEASE NOTE: IF THE BUYER CHOOSES TO SUPPLY THE HAIR, AND IT EITHER IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ROOTING(IE: STAINS) OR NOT ENOUGH TO FINISH THE JOB, THE BUYER MUST EITHER SEND ME MORE HAIR OR PAY FOR ME TO PURCHASE IT. IF THE BUYER REFUSES, I WILL CANCEL THE TRANSACTON IMMEDIATELY AND RETURN THE BUYER'S DOLL HEADS UNFINISHED, AT THE BUYER'S EXPENSE.

Below is the price chart for the different kinds of heads. If you have a head that isn't on this chart, or are confused as to which category your Jenny doll's head would fit into, let me know and I'll price it accordingly. If the head has molded hair, I need to charge an extra $5 to sand it. If you'd prefer to remove the hair from the head yourself, you can subtract $5 from the total. Please make sure that the head you send me is in reasonably good condition--I can't reroot a head with massive rips. If you're planning on repainting/having your doll head repainted, or intend to put decals on a blank doll head that I root for you, I highly recommend that you have me root the head BEFORE you do anything to the face, as I can't vouch for the safety of delicate handpainted/decalled heads.

Kelly, 6 in. Sailor Moon $15
All Volks heads but #2, Mini Head, N head, #7, #11, Reroot for Mego heads $20
Volks #2 head $25
Volks #7, #11, N-type and Mini head, Noix de Rome elf head $18
Reroot for Takara Jenny large sized head(Jenny, Timotei, Ellie), Sekiguchi Momoko, U-Noa Quluts Light(painted eyes), vintage Francie $30
Reroot for Takara Jenny small sized head(Jenny 18, Kisara, Aya), Mego Wonder Woman $25
Reroot for Mattel Barbie, Monster High, Bratz, Sega anime dolls, Azone Pure Neemo, Kurhn $35
Reroot for Fashion Royalty $50(please e-mail for additional details)
Reroot for Gene $80(please e-mail for additional details)
Reroot for Tomy anime dolls $45(these heads are much harder(literally)than the typical doll)

How to request a rooting/rerooting job:

1. Send me an e-mail with the details of what kind of head and hair you have, and what kind of hair style you want.

2. I'll confirm the cost, and you can send your materials, plus the payment(rooting price plus shipping) Please note that I need about 30 g of hair for each head. I accept PayPal and money orders.

I buy saran rooting hair from Restoredoll. I recommend saran or nylon rooting hair--I can't guarantee that any alternate hair fiber will be colorfast. I prefer to use saran--it's stronger, less staticky, easier to style, and is the only hair fiber guaranteed to be colorfast(some colors of nylon hair are known to stain) You may also supply your own hair, but I can't be held responsible if the hair you supply is not colorfast.

If you do not respond to/pay the amount due within 7 days, I will move you to the bottom of my list of commissions--so please be prompt and don't hold up the line for other interested people! This has become an increasing problem with my service(and I'm not pointing to one person in particular, because this has happened multiple times). I implore people interested in my services to please think of the loss of business I suffer and other potential customers I disappoint when you hold up the line for the rest of my commissions. please, please respond to e-mails within my deadline. If you decide that you don't want to use my service after I send an invoice, or if you have to delay sending payment/materials, please let me know as soon as possible.

3. Once I'm done, I'll let you know and take a picture of your completed rooting jobs.   Then I'll send your doll heads back to you. ^^

It takes me about 1 week to finish one head, depending on the size of head and the hairstyle. If you have several heads to be rooted, I will give you an update each time I finish a head. If you agree with the above terms, please e-mail me if you have a rooting/rerooting request. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. ^^ Please note that this service is first come, first serve--I will take each person's commission after I finish with the person before him/her. Of course, I won't ask for payment until I'm ready to do your commission.

New! I am willing to accept trades to cover part or all of the cost of labor. In most cases I will credit you for slightly more than retail, as depicted on the chart. Please note that I cannot accept trades to cover the cost of hair--I can't afford to pay for the cost of hair out of my own pocket. ^_^ Below are some doll-related items that I'm looking for, and how much I'll accept toward the cost of the reroot. I'd like all dolls to be NRFB, if possible--no obvious paint flaws or wonky eyes. I would like the item to be shipped in a box, not an envelope, unless it's doll clothes. If possible, I would like to see a picture of the item. If the item is not in the promised condition, I reserve the right to send it back. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT YOU'D LIKE TO TRADE THAT'S NOT ON MY LIST, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS IT. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER IS SOMETHING THAT I MIGHT ACTUALLY WANT--NO DOLL HEADS WITH NO BODIES OR BROKEN/DAMAGED ITEMS, PLEASE! IF IT'S SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SELL, CHANCES ARE THAT I WILL HAVE NO USE FOR IT, EITHER. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE REROOTS ARE A LOT OF WORK, AND I WILL ONLY ACCEPT A TRADE IF IT'S SOMETHING THAT I WOULDN'T MIND TAKING IN LIEU OF PAYMENT. I HATE TO BE HARSH BUT THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM AND I DON'T LIKE BEING USED AS A MEANS OF UNLOADING UNWANTED ITEMS THAT THE BUYER WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SELL VIA NORMAL MEANS.

Monster High Dolls:

1.0 C.A Cupid--$35(can be deboxed, I'm not picky about the hair, but she must have no flaws to vinyl, or face)

Dance Class Robecca, Venus, or Lagoona--$20

CAM Bee Girl--$25

Fashion Packs for Abbey, Frankie, Operetta, Draculaura, Lagoona--$20 each

Pure Neemo stuff:

Pure Neemo Flection S body--$25

Clothes for XS, S and M bodies--if they are NRFP, I will give you the equivalent to the yen price for them. Otherwise, please contact me to discuss. In addition to clothes that are sold separately, I am also looking for clothes(the entire outfit) from the first versions of Aika, Chiika, Koron, and Lien, the maid versions of Chiika and Miu, Romantic Girly 2 Chiika, Secret Wonderland Aika, Little Witch of Water Miu, and the summer version of Sahra. I will credit you $35 for each outfit.